Summer Poetry Marathon Day #4

Today I decided to go to the Glenside Library. This is my library, the place I go when I say I’m going to the library. It’s about a mile from my house. The weather is still too hot to be outside and in addition, thunderstorms were predicted. I also had some books to drop off and pick up. Obviously it was meant to be.

I took up a spot at a new addition – a long counter has been installed in the reading area by the big window. It makes use of space that was otherwise unappreciated. I liked being able to look out at the trees.

The library was busy. Lots of people using computers and children participating in a program – and of course the usual stream of people needing books. I think it was the right atmosphere for working and I felt very comfortable.

Gl library 3 small

We did get a thunderstorm so I was glad I was inside!

Here’s today’s information:

20 poems

1661 words

And here is my favorite poem from today:


Hurry up
Our feet in their flips-flops
are doing their best as we rush
down the hot sidewalk to the pool gate
sun lotion towels beach bags in hand
Get that towel off the ground it’s dragging in the dirt
and I hoist it over my shoulder.
We get inside the gate and find some chairs
and strip off our cover-ups running to the water
In we go and the water is cool and clear
the sunlight piercing through it
We sink ourselves and sit on the bottom
hair floating up and silvery bubbles rising
as we giggle

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