Summer Poetry Marathon Day #3

The very hot weather continues. I have gone outside to exercise each morning this week and the experience persuaded me every time to do my writing inside. I’ll say it again – thank you, air conditioners of the world.

So I took myself to the grocery store, where I’ve worked many times before.

I always seem to find the atmosphere stimulating to thought and today was no different. I think it has to do with the constant coming and going – people moving around – music – all the loose bits of chatter and talk that float through the air.

WF 7-29-15 #3 small

My thoughts sometimes bump up against the ceiling?

I also reminded myself that my goal is to write write write and not to stop and evaluate what I’ve done. That will come later. I felt things flowed better today because I had that little chat with myself. It’s easy to get bogged down but it can be avoided.

Here are today’s results:

20 poems

1826 words

And here is my favorite poem from today:


Tanned arm out the driver’s side window
a white T-shirt sleeve just visible
against the shadows of the truck’s cab.
Worn out old thing, the truck, I mean,
and maybe the arm, too
but that truck and driver are making good time
down this blistering hot highway here
going south in the summer
So I can’t judge a thing about any of it
Just tell you what I see.


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