Summer Poetry Marathon Day #2

Day 2 of the Marathon took place at the library at Penn State Abington, about 10 minutes from my house. It’s a subsidiary campus of PSU and is set on a hilly site with a pond in the middle. The library looks out onto this scene. Here it is from the window in front of the desk I chose:

Window view PSU 7-28-15 small

I had planned to work outside, but it is so hot and humid that I couldn’t bear the thought of it, when it came time to do so. Air conditioning is a blessing in weather like this. I thought about that as I was coming in from the parking lot and I saw a man repainting the paw motifs on the asphalt…

Paw print small

Once inside the building, I set myself up and got to work. The room was empty when I started but filled up as time went on with students working.

Here is today’s progress:

1946 words

20 poems

Here’s my favorite poem from today.


The children come into the library
straight from the pool
wearing their bathing suits
in a wave of chlorine
and sunscreen lotion.
I feel their water-wrinkled fingertips
in my own. Their flip-flops slap at their heels and
mine, too.
Such a summer was so long ago for me
and yet
maybe not at all
if I still know how a bathing suit feels
wet enough from a day at the pool
that I have to sit on a towel
in the car
on the way home.


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