Summer Poetry Marathon Day #1

Today is the first day of the summer session of the Poetry Marathon. Because the weatherman predicted thundershowers and even a steady rain for some of the day, I decided to try an indoor location. I chose the Logue Library at Chestnut Hill College, a school about 15 minutes from my house.

Logue Library Chestnut Hill College 7-27-15 small
I went to CHC in the winter as part of the Sunshine Project, but I hadn’t ever been in the library. It’s not a large place, because the college itself is small, but it’s just what I needed. I set myself up in the main reading room, a really pleasant space with large windows, plenty of light, and lots of tables. Because it’s summer, the room was empty most of the time except for me and one librarian working at a desk. What a great place to write.

I got settled and started writing. I had wondered how I would manage – I was out-of-town all weekend and my thoughts were still scattered – the least bit of travel disrupts me. I do like my routine. I found the environment very calming, though, and I was able to do some good work, I think.

23 poems
1934 words

Here is one poem from the day. Remember, I just write fast and furious and revise later, after the whole Marathon is over. This poem is just as it appeared from my head.

The blue of the water in the pool
is the color of the popsicle that little girl
just bought from the ice cream truck
that shows up every hour on the hour
when it’s time for adult swim and so
the kids need something to do
and ice cream is it.
The popsicle melts immediately and thoroughly
in the afternoon heat
It’s a race as to whether it will finish itself
before the little girl can do it
my money is on the girl.
Her face is blue-streaked.
When the lifeguard’s whistle blows
she will jump back into the water
and add some blue
to that pool


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