Poetry Marathon Version #3

You may remember my two earlier Marathons – the first in January and the second in April. Now it’s time for the summer version. Starting next Monday, once again I’ll be taking my computer and my latest thoughts out and around and spending 2 hours each weekday writing poetry. If the weather holds I’m hoping to be outside and if not – well – either I’ll be seeking air conditioning or shelter from thunderstorms, typical of summer weather.

The earlier Marathons were very meaningful to me and that is why I wanted to continue the string through summer and fall. In January, the sessions provided another step on the journey through winter and a way to organize my thoughts and impressions about what I had thought might be a rough time of year for me. I was able to put my full attention to it.

Spring was another story. I was contending with a broken foot and the run-up to my recently completed cataract surgeries. I had a lot on my mind and I did have to work to fit the Marathon in to the schedule. But as it turned out, it provided an oasis of calm for me during a very busy time.

So we will see how the summer session develops its personality. I will write a post on each day of the marathon, as I did before. I appreciate everyone who reads my poetry and follows me and I want to take this opportunity to say so. It keeps me going. Thank you.

If you want to read about the earlier Marathons, just search under the term “Poetry Marathon”, and the entries from the first two sessions will come up.

I also plan to turn the summer Marathon poems into another book, just as I did for the first two. If you want a copy of either of them, or the new one when it’s done, just tell me. They are also available at Amazon.com.


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