No Not Again

No Not Again

That hard slap inside the head
courtesy of utter despair
a sudden brutal surprise
that sends you stumbling
knocks the breath out of you.
That clenching feeling
in the stomach. The hands twisting
around each other
small and cold and smooth
squeezing hard, then letting go
again and again
The clear blue sky
turned livid yellow like a bruise.
The sun dark and shriveled
the breeze a threat
the bird’s song soured
and will this be the time
your head finally turns itself inside out
and the contents
spill on the ground
like change scattered
from a purse discarded by a thief?

Stepping stones at sunset photography

Stepping stones at sunset


2 thoughts on “No Not Again

  1. Thank you. I am fine. This is from a year ago. And now is the first time I can face it without feeling it. It seemed a good thing to publish it for that reason. Because I think it exactly tells how I felt. One year later things are very different and I am grateful. It seemed important to me for that reason to post it.

    Thank you for caring. Your feeling so strongly reminds me of another thing I have gained — so much support through blog friends. Thank you.

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