Interlude: Black Comb

Poetry Readers, you may want to visit this Museum and read what the Museum’s Poet Laureate has said about this everyday object…

Claudia McGill Museum

Yes, Museum goers, you read it right. This sighting of a black comb in the parking lot of Mondauk Park, Fort Washington, PA , on June 25, was quite a thrill for Claudia McGill, Museum Founder, who just happened upon it as she walked toward the main picnic pavilion.

“No expedition will be set up for this comb. We have our reasons,” she explained. “It just seems that – well, we – all I can say is, Museum staff must be kept safe at all times. This comb obviously is a fighter and seems somewhat…unpredictable.”

Nevertheless, she was able to snap this photo.

Black Comb 6-15 Mondauk small

Claudia McGill, Poet Laureate of the Museum, was moved to pen a tribute. Take a look at what she has said about this old-timer.

Old Comb

Old comb
lying on the ground.
Your gap-toothed expression.
The skid marks on your spine.
I see
life has left scars…

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