Beyond Ritual

Beyond Ritual

The black birds.
A flock of hundreds of black birds looping above the highway
in a dull gray sky.
I tip my head up to see them
instead of staring out the car window
at the ground-level jumble of
overpass ramp bridge pillar light pole
like everybody else does
here in the ranks of cars rushing
along the lines on the concrete.
No, my eyes are on the black birds
who are indifferent to
our tires on the pavement
our lines on the map
our straight-edged constructions
The black birds who
sweep out over the road
bounded by high-tension power lines
now woven through with bird-patterns
The black birds who are
crossing and recrossing the dim sky
scribbling it over with bird-circles
The black birds spelling out a message
in bold cursive handwriting
above my head
if only I could read it

Birds on wire GL train station 3-20-15 BW small


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