Very recently, good friends moved to another state. I was very sorry to see them go so far away from me.

I made little keepsakes for each family member (there are five). In each I put a haiku I wrote – the idea being that we are far apart but still together.

I’m still thinking about goodbyes and how many of them there are in life.

Haiku Group Goodbye and Remember


The same sun shines down
at both of us, you and me,
each morning, with a grin.


The moon examines
the crowded earth every night,
checking on us both.


Buckets of rain fall
from the sky all day all night
and we both get wet.


The clouds gather up
stretching out across the sky
above both of us.


The wind rushes off
traveling in a hurry
to visit us both.

Mail art postcard.

Mail art postcard.


7 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. I think it really helps me to write and to have an outlet for feelings of whatever kind, and in a strange way, I can revisit memories very easily. I am sad when I re-read these, but I also then remember all the fun we had and that we are still in touch.

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