Haiku Group Wild White Roses

Wild roses Lorimer 5-27-15 #4 small

These wild roses are very common plants in the woods around here. They may be considered invasive, even; I don’t know. But at this time of year, they bloom so beautifully and in such numbers that their scent is everywhere. I took a walk yesterday in Lorimer Park along the rail trail and the experience was a fragrant one.

Because of my broken foot, I move slowly and take rests. This method of exercise lends itself well to thinking and noticing. My mind turned to haiku. Since I had my little notebook with me, I could jot down some thoughts, and when I came home, I reflected on my experiences through these haiku.

As usual when I do a group of haiku like this, each one seems to lead to the next one, so I like to present them as a group.

Haiku Group Wild White Roses

This humid morning
wild roses step to the stage
in a starring role

Three o’clock serves up
the plate-full of wild rose scent
saved for after lunch

The thick humid air
stores up the sun-warmed rose-scent
in silent pockets

Wild roses breathe out
their memories of winter
with each rush of scent

In the gaps between
winter memories and spring
the wild roses bloom

Winter griefs will fade
when the wild white roses bloom
along the road’s edge.

Wild roses Lorimer 5-27-15 #1 small


4 thoughts on “Haiku Group Wild White Roses

  1. All the haiku are lovely. I’m so sorry to hear you broke your foot. If you are walking you must be healing ok.

  2. Thank you, yes, my foot is doing well. I am out of the boot after 5 weeks and now can cautiously wear a regular shoe and start to get my foot back in shape. No running for another month or so and then very slow buildup, but – it’s going along and that’s very encouraging to me.

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