on your face
street light shadows arranging
the whole story
Tell me I said.
You admitted nothing
I waited, in the rain
The answer out of my reach

"Dream" Mail art postcard

Mail art postcard

5 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Exactly….for some reason, that I just can’t quite put my finger on, I feel some sort of connection to this poem because of the medium you chose to express it in…..and the art. The focal part of which almost obliterates the presence of the collage. I have more than a few friends that would I would like to send this to….just to mess with them. And, of course, the collection you have been producing lately reminds me of a couple of books that were popular, oh, about 25 years ago or so…..I think it was called Griffin & Sabine…are you familiar?

  2. Yes, I recently re-read the original in the series. I like this kind of storytelling. I’ve made a lot of artist books with text in them, though they are not in the same format of letter-writing as these were. I think it is so much more interesting to sort of interact with the book as you do with G&S, art and words going together like that.

  3. I need to get some work done today, but I could just hang around forever. Your work is calling to something in me……woo. Really, really love it. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Claudia, I can’t imagine anyone with a soul NOT feeling the same. Awesome stuff. And so inspiring. I wonder how many collage poetry ducklings you have out there….. 🙂

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