Thoroughly Happily

Thoroughly Happily

I couldn’t
be More
No good
expensive trouble is
an old friend of mine,
That’s his handwriting, isn’t it?
I’m used to not sleeping,
accustomed to the guilt
I just want you to know
I don’t care that I am
no good

"Thoroughly Happy" mail art

“Thoroughly Happy”
mail art


2 thoughts on “Thoroughly Happily

  1. You know, collage poetry seems to bring these things out. I think it’s somewhat because the vocabulary in books involves a lot of conflict (because otherwise where is the story???) and so my themes turn to this vein. I think it is good because it allows me to think about difficulties with a bit of detachment – I’m starting with the words and then thinking about what they mean, vs the thoughts coming out of my head. I would say this poem in particular doesn’t apply to me – I was thinking of a family member when doing it. I found doing the poems in this group of collage poetry (most from this winter, not recently) helpful in that I kind of worked through a lot of things I have been observing (thankfully not experiencing myself…). I really value collage poetry for bringing up topics I might have repressed or thought not worth thinking about. Kind of cathartic?

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