Snippets #1 May 2015

It’s time for some snippets!

The first two groups are the traditional ones, three lines, on artist trading card-sized backgrounds that I painted. I grouped them in no special way to scan them, so they are not meant to be read together, but of course I will accept credit for any serendipitous juxtapositions, as always…

The third one, well, I started it to fill up time when I was doing other projects with some of my collage-making friends, and I finished it up later at home. It did seem to have a theme, so I gave it a name. Now it’s official, right? This one is postcard sized, 4″ x 6″, on cereal box cardboard.


4 thoughts on “Snippets #1 May 2015

  1. If I’m seeing correctly, you’ve pasted “nightmare kitchen” from two sources into seemingly a single text fragment? LOVE THIS ONE. (And I have *known* nightmare kitchens!)

  2. Yes, it was two different sources and sort of just fell together. Like you I have experience of the concept starting with my early attempts to cook (I still shudder 35 years later thinking about a dinner I gave for people who worked for me at my house, undercooked lasagna that was burned on the bottom…)

    And that’s just the literal meaning of “nightmare” and “kitchen” considered. We could go many places if we let our minds range farther afield…

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