What Was It All About?

I might be more out of touch than I ever thought, because when April arrived, I hadn’t understood that it was National Poetry Month. Well, that’s the truth. So it seemed very nice that somehow I had decided to do another session of the Poetry Marathon in April, didn’t it? But I decided to add something else for the month – I would go through what I have been calling Twenty Minute Collection of poems – referring to the idea of sitting down and writing for twenty minutes or so and seeing what emerged. This practice was the forerunner of the Poetry Marathon idea.

So all the poems that have been posted in April were from this source.

“Red Bird in Spring”
mixed media

I don’t know why but I love this writing process. There is something freeing about just letting the thoughts come out through the fingers and on to the computer keys without thinking too hard about things. And I was always surprised by how much more clearly I seemed to express myself when I didn’t pause after every line and wrestle with it. Think highway driving vs. stop-and-go traffic.

I’ve got a lot more of these poems collected from the fall of 2014 and early winter 2015. I think I’ll continue to run down the list of them, one a day, in shorter segments, maybe a week or two at a time. But for now I want to include some other types of work so I’ll be doing that, too. I have some collage poems lined up and some poems that – I just wrote because they jumped into my mind!

OK, enough. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time and attention to my work.

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