Spring Poetry Marathon Day #5


Today is the last day of the Spring Poetry Marathon. It has gone by so quickly for me. I think it may be because I’ve had other distractions this week – including diagnosis of a stress fracture in my left foot. Well, that’s all just fodder for the mind, isn’t it?

AB library 5-1-15 small
I spent this session at the Abington Library, about ten minutes from home. It’s a nice big place – it’s housed in a former small department store from the 1950’s (my husband remembers getting his hair cut on the lower level of the store). It’s very comfortable here and has a nice openness to it. And as always I do like being surrounded by books.


I can’t really characterize what I did today – my mind seemed to be all over the map. So I’ll have to see if any thread appears to me when I look over today’s work later on.

Work table 5-1-15 small
Here is the poem I chose from today’s session:


I wonder why she thought
he was such a nice guy so funny
and so on
but me
I thought he was a blowhard
from beginning to end.
Well, I didn’t stick around to find out
more about him
or what she saw in him
after that party where
I met the host’s neighbor
who had a position open at his business
that fit exactly what I was looking for
and I moved out of town
bought a new house and
I go on water-skiing vacations now
with a club I joined.
You know
Somehow it just doesn’t seem
about why
though of course we’re still friends.


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