Spring Poetry Marathon Day #4

Today I returned to the grocery store to work. I have something planned for later in the day and so I decided to Marathon in the morning. I realized that up to now I have always gone out in the afternoon. Anyway, the store was open when I could fit my session into the day. To change things I sat in a different section – the row of small tables next to the checkout lines and the front windows.



It was a good location. Lots of activity. And the view out the window equally attention-getting. The site sent my mind through a lot of different channels – the inside happenings, the parking lot/street inspirations,, and then just some tangents suggested by whatever thought occurred to me as I started up a new poem.

Here is the poem I chose for today:


The verdict is in.
The tree on the edge of the parking lot
planted as a skinny youth fifty years ago
is dead
and I can tell you that this is the case
because the tree
has missed its April cue to leaf out
first time ever.



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