Getting Ahead of Myself

Getting Ahead of Myself

The truck turns into the field.
Tires crunching across frozen mud
remind me that in the summer
this field is green
wet and fresh-smelling tussocky grass
stretching all the way out there
where at the moment
the tires of the truck are
crunching across frozen mud.
My feet
skittering in the icy ruts
remind me that I’d better pay attention
It’s not summer now.


Field at Lorimer Park, January, 2015. This view is the one that inspired the poem.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ahead of Myself

  1. Thank you. I gave the original photo a tiny color boost (for the sky to the right) and that was it – I think there was a slight mist along with the frost that gave it that dreamy air?

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