Spring Poetry Marathon Day #2

Today’s session of the Poetry Marathon was spent in two locations. I started off in Renninger Park in Glenside, about a mile from my house. It’s a tiny little spot tucked in against the road and bounded by a creek. The weather was just warm enough, I thought, to sit outside, and I was right. I set myself up at a picnic table and got to work.

After about an hour, though, it got cooler and the wind a bit stronger. So I walked a block or so and went into the Glenside Library. This location is very familiar to me as it is the library I use most often. I found myself a table and finished up there.

I was in a quiet mood today – maybe because my surroundings were peaceful, especially in the park. I wrote more slowly, but at a steady pace. The poems I produced were shorter and I think more abstract, if that’s the right word. It’s interesting to me to see how surroundings affect even the pace of my work.

Here is the poem I have chosen from today’s work.


Lie in bed
the window cracked open just a little bit
it was cold last night for April but
the windows have been closed too long
says the single bird in the tree outside
in three succinct phrases

2 thoughts on “Spring Poetry Marathon Day #2

  1. I like the idea of a bird actually saying something! That’s how it sounds sometimes, and I mean, who are we to tell if it’s only about “territories” and “flirting”, perhaps there is more to it when they sit out there and chit-chat.

  2. I am convinced there is a whole bird world saying plenty. It just seems too complicated and intricate for just “food” and “mine”. And every day this time of year I am reminded about this idea because the bird sounds are so prominent and chatty right now.

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