Spring Poetry Marathon – Day 1

Today I spent the first session of the Spring Poetry Marathon at the café in our local grocery store. I just felt the need to be in a familiar place and one with some noise and distraction in it. Can’t say why.

I settled myself down and got to work. I had some notes I had jotted down over the past few weeks to refer to if I wanted to – it has seemed important to me to hold on to some impressions of spring and its events that have come and gone already. I used a few and then I fell into a mental flow and went on from there.

Ready to get to work.

Ready to get to work.

I really enjoy working this Marathon way. Meaning – I like settling in and just writing, without stopping to reread or to edit or to criticize my work. The focus is calming and having a specific time to work encourages me to dig a little deeper into my thoughts.

Future words.

Future words.

I will attach one poem from today, as I did in the earlier Winter Marathon. It’s just as it came out of my mind – I am sure in the revision stage it will change, but for now, here is something that was part of today’s Marathon.


Well, it’s spring, girls,
and if you’re going to come out here in the pouring rain
and wait for the school bus
it may have been prudent to have put on a raincoat
don’t you think
although I see one of you has made an attempt
wearing a flimsy red windbreaker
soaked through as it is
And what is wrong with picking up an umbrella
as you went out the door?
But you are laughing and flipping your wet hair
and dancing around on the corner
and laughing
as the bus pulls up and you both
run to get on but not too quickly
and I know why
it’s because
this morning
it’s marvelous being out here in the pouring rain
in the spring
underdressed for the weather and that’s the point
it couldn’t be better
to wait for the bus
in the rain
in spring


6 thoughts on “Spring Poetry Marathon – Day 1

  1. My daughter will wear no raincoat; nor will she carry an umbrella: “I like the rain.”
    Looking forward to following your marathon!

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