Emperor and Dictator

Emperor and Dictator

Listen to that radio
– Shhh, you say, holding up your hand –
and the tiny voice
so anxiously awaited
speaks and then you know
the weather report
calls for snow
and so it may snow
or not
but you know you must
begin to worry about power cuts
iced-up roads
dead car batteries
the broken snow shovel you meant to replace
but didn’t.
Everyone’s doing it
All for snow
that may
or may not
arrive today tonight tomorrow or never
Powerful stuff, this snow is.

The Power Is Out and We Are Freezing - I Hate Winter series small


4 thoughts on “Emperor and Dictator

  1. This was made last summer (after my truly disastrous winter and surgery and so on and subsequent mental struggles) as part of a group that attempted to express my feelings about that winter. Sort of “get out the bad feelings” kind of thing. I think it was helpful. Here is the link to the whole group if you want to see them. This poem fit right in with the winter-aversion thing so that’s why I combined the two here…

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