Poetry Marathon Version #2

Do you remember the Poetry Marathon I did in January? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, I’m doing it again – next week. I liked the experience so much that I wanted to repeat it.

So I’ll be taking my computer and my vocabulary around the area and spending 2 hours each weekday next week for the spring version. I am hoping to be able to work outside if the weather permits.

The first Marathon was a very meaningful experience for me. It helped me arrange my feelings and thoughts about recent weeks and events in a way I had not expected. Maybe this session will do the same for springtime, or maybe not, but I look forward to trying things again.

I will write a post on each day of the marathon, as I did before. I appreciate everyone who reads my poetry and follows me and I want to take this opportunity to say so. It keeps me going. Thank you.

Poetry collection from the winter Poetry Marathon 

“Look Winter in the Face”

Here it is! You can find it on Amazon for $12 plus shipping or I can send you a copy directly, $12 all in, if you want to see what I did in the first Marathon.

Look Winter in the Face book cover with border small


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