Can anyone type as fast
as my secretary did
thirty years ago
when typing was a job
the total job
nothing but typing
and fingers moving lightly
but firmly
to let the letters know
in what order appear
and what lines to say
once on stage
A stage manager devoted
to the correct flow of the play?
I think not.

Penn Center Philadelphia, PA

Penn Center
Philadelphia, PA


2 thoughts on “Director

  1. I remember my mother making me take typing in high school so “you will always be able to get a job”. I was pretty fast too…although I never did work as a typist.

  2. I heard the same thing. At the time our high school was still using manual typewriters. I gained a real appreciation for the skill needed to do a fast and error-free job. Though I was not able to do that. But, I did earn a fair amount of money in college typing other people’s papers. I guess that job is out-of-date now too!

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