Cold fingers
all year round
Doesn’t matter that this morning is crisp and cold
Autumn seeping in around the edges of the day
My fingers are cold
all year round.

"Bonechilling Cold" Acrylics From the "I Hate Winter" series, 2014.

“Bonechilling Cold”
From the “I Hate Winter” series, 2014.


8 thoughts on “Cold

  1. I love the hands but the face detracts from their forceful and expressive power. Something needs to enliven the space between the hands but the character of the face lacks the gestural dynamic of the hands. Keep going! I love much of your work and thanks!

  2. I suppose I just made the hand association having lived in some very cold houses through the years and never seeming to be able to keep my hands warm enough while in my studio. I really like how they are treated whether they are hands or trees or whatever.

  3. I did see them as hands after the whole thing was done. Didn’t mean for that to happen. But it made sense to me with the poem. I had originally done the piece as part of a series of paintings about how I felt about winter.

    Guess paintings do what they do don’t they?

    My hands are cold year-round. Air conditioning is a real culprit. Sounds strange but I wear gloves from September to May. People give me a lot of odd glances.

  4. Yes, a painting (like a well written poem) will hopefully have many interpretations. As a painter, I rarely share what my intention may have been – what other people see is much more interesting.
    Don’t worry about the odd glances – I get them and I don’t wear gloves – ha ha

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