Claudia McGill Inspires Me. Did You Know that?

Here is a post about collage poetry – a new poet! I love her art journaling and then there is the fabric work and…now collage poetry. I particularly like the combination of collage images and words and the humor!

Thank you, Yolanda, for trying out my method and for letting me know and for such great results.

What's Inside

One of my favorite bloggers out there is Claudia McGill of “Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?” One of her specialties is collage poetry, and hers are always actually good. I was pleased the other day when she posted a how-to. And I set out to practice.


I reached into my shelf of library discards and pulled out a plum. This was after 10:30 pm. Alas, I got interested in the story, Calling Invisible Women, by Jeanne Ray and was up until 12:30 am reading the whole thing.

So tonight I am giving Claudia’s method a go. Here is my first attempt. It became about a break up. I thought my scissors holder lady should be casting a scornful eye over it in the photo. She is sick of that man.


But then I found this next one and it made me laugh and laugh. Literal thinking always cracks…

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