Here is a collage poem put on a mail art postcard. I like making the backgrounds for these cards and saving them up for a collage poetry session. It is interesting how the postcard and the words combine to add another level of meaning. And since I don’t choose words to go with the postcards, it’s once again a matter of serendipity. I like that.

I Have Not Forgotten

I cannot find any trace of
the indigo evening
I met along frozen roads
tell me where
on earth
to look

"I Have Not Forgotten" on a mail art postcard.

“I Have Not Forgotten” on a mail art postcard.


9 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. I love this. The serendipity is great as well. I find that often in my calender art journals. I do the art page spreads ahead and then when that actual week arrives they seem to somehow go with the events that happen.

  2. Yes, it is mysterious. I so often see patterns in everyday life in the same way – the need is there and the resources seem to arrive, although they are certainly not always (maybe even usually) what I was thinking of. I do like that unknown quality about things – never a boring day or dull moment, I think!

  3. Love this. I saw a Tedd x talk once from a guy that started doing collage poetry. I believe he wrote a book called, “Steal like an artist.” Have you heard of it?

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