Not Such a Nice One, Either

Another collage poem.


sitting down
alone till you come back
the empty room
only too familiar
I had seen
how cruel, how
in an angry mood
you shouted, and
You hurt me
I forgot
I’m not seeking revenge,

"Reminder" on its page in my collage poetry book.

“Reminder” on its page in my collage poetry book.


4 thoughts on “Not Such a Nice One, Either

  1. Ominous, those final lines — the meaning left so open, without punctuation. What have I forgotten? Am I telling you I do not need revenge? Or that I have already forgotten my own decision not to seek revenge — and you’d best look out?


  2. Thank you. I am very interested in ambiguity and the form of collage poems, I mean the process of creating them as opposed to pulling words out of my head, seems to enhance or lend itself to it. I love having so many interpretations – because I think there are almost no statements that are just one thing and not maybe another. And I really appreciate it that you saw this in the poem. Thank you.

  3. You really are quite good at this form of poetry. I would love a blog post about how you go about it. Are the words from more than one source? do you have any self imposed rules? Do you have a process or is it all just a reaction to words as you see them?

  4. Thank you. I really enjoy the process of doing these poems. I’ll be happy to do a post explaining how I go about it. I did one maybe two years ago, but it was kind of brief and I have progressed since then, I think. How about early next week, after I finish up the Sunshine Project?

    Thank you for being interested!

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