Poetry Marathon – Day 5

Well, the Poetry Marathon has finished its 5-day run. What an experience. I will need to absorb it a bit as far as what I think about it. I guess that sounds a bit equivocal. I don’t mean to do that. But you know how it is – you decide to do something and think you can predict how it will turn out and – guess what, there is a lot more to it. I will digest things a bit and then opine; what do you think of that?

I can say right now, though, that it was an experience full of meaning for me, full of value, full of enjoyment. I will do it again. I am beginning to think of trying it every 3 months or so – not five days, maybe three. I am busier at other times of the year and the one thing you don’t want to do in a Poetry Marathon is be in a rush to finish and go somewhere else. It needs time and focus.

All right, I will save my thoughts for later. Let me tell you what I did today. My writing location was the Upper Moreland Township Library, about 5 miles or so from my house. I am familiar with this library though I don’t go there often. It’s very comfortable and I enjoyed being there. I will make an effort to work there again.


Poems: 21

Words: 1995

And for the total project —

Poems: 100

Words: 9426

What’s next? I will leave all these poems alone for the next week, and then I will look them over as I described in my initial post. With a little perspective I will be able to tell what I have actually accomplished as far as written results. So there will be more on the Poetry Marathon later on.

Last words: I recommend this activity. Wholeheartedly. Let me leave you with a poem from today’s session.

That man at the desk
He has a little yellow coffee mug
looks insulated
black handle
I think plastic
And he grabbed it and strode off
so quick that I think
and the exhausted swimmer
makes it to shore and crawls up the beach
just in time

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