Poetry Marathon – Day 4

It all keeps rolling along! Day 4 is all finished.

I had thought about going to the library of another local college for today’s session but parking is what stopped me. As in, there is little parking there and I couldn’t get a good idea of where or what it was. Now yesterday, I had the same problem at Arcadia University but I was a little more familiar with the terrain. Even so, I spent some time wandering around and it flustered me a little. So today I decided – no aggravations to disturb the muse. I went back to Whole Foods, where I was on Tuesday. Tried and true location and it didn’t let me down.

Here's where I was today.

Here’s where I was today.

Today’s statistics:

Poems: 19

Words: 1422

So, about the same number of poems but fewer words. My poems overall were shorter today. I seemed to want to write in a more abbreviated fashion today. And I think I took a slower pace – I felt more relaxed and laissez-faire about things. I’m finding it interesting, the effect things have on the flow of thinking. It’s pretty easy to see in this kind of thing.

I also think one hazard of a place like this dining area is that there are many conversations going on. I did get some food for thought from those around me. People do talk loudly sometimes and while saying the oddest things.

Here are two entries from today. One is a haiku and one not. See what you think of them. And thank you for reading.

Shopping carts nested
all lined up ready to go
wait now in the cold.

The grocery list
someone left behind
in the bottom of the
shopping cart
I picked it out and
unfolded it
A shaky hand had written
a few words I could not read
not a one
and so I put it back
in the cart and I chose another cart
and it just didn’t seem
right to me
to have looked at the paper
but I can’t really say why
It wasn’t a letter
or a note but I felt
I had tried to read
someone’s secrets

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