Poetry Marathon – Day 3

Day Three of the Poetry Marathon is complete. I went to the Landman Library at Arcadia University, which is about a mile from my house. I had a comfortable study carrel to sit in and the library was so nice and warm on a windy cold day. It was just the right spot to write.

I haven’t been in this library in some time. It looked the same to me, though, and I felt at home. It was a good feeling to be among books and also I enjoyed the atmosphere of quiet study. I will have to come back here again soon and not wait so many years between visits.

Today’s statistics:

Poems – 19

Words – 2237

Today I felt I was a little wordy – these poems will need some paring down, I think, when they get their editing time. Maybe not, but I was in a run-on mood today, maybe. Doesn’t matter. I don’t want to leave out anything that might be worthwhile at this stage of the game.

So here is one poem from today’s session.

And thin snow on the ground,
and parking lots cleared but patchy-icy
and noses running in the cold
and snow marked up with footprints like
a school assignment graded and evaluated
the original work
unrecognizable with all the annotations
and the package winter sends
falls open spilling out the bits and pieces
all of them are winter.

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