Poetry Marathon Day 2

All right, Day 2 is complete. I had thought with the predicted snow I’d be at home again for the session, but we got a lot less than we expected and the roads were clear by lunchtime. So I took myself and my computer to Whole Foods and set up in the café section. The store was quiet today – I think everyone shopped themselves out in the preceding 2 or 3 days.

I sat down and got to work. I will say the time goes very quickly. I enjoyed being in a different location than yesterday and I feel it certainly influences what I think about and therefore what I write. And I am really liking working quickly and not second-guessing myself.

Here’s today’s statistics:

Poems: 21

Words: 1941

Here’s a selected poem from today’s series. This one comes from a little game I play with myself. I’m not good at rhyming things, and yet I would like to do it. So I make it easy for myself. I go along the first line until I finish. Then I figure out a word that will rhyme and fits in (somehow) with whatever I said in the first line. The last word in the line has to rhyme but the thought doesn’t have to be finished – it can keep on going in the next line.

I just keep doing this until things seem to be finished. Sometimes the result is good and sometimes not. But it takes me places I would never think of going.

Thanks for reading.

Well, lunch is eaten, over and done
By my watch it’s just past one
o’clock in the afternoon
The dishwasher will be full just as soon
as I get the lunch things in it
stacked in neat rows I don’t like disorder or when things don’t fit
together the way they always do in my crossword puzzles or true crime books
filled with meaningful clues and hints and looks
that aren’t a sick child coming home early from school
or the consequences of a broken rule
such as the one about how a red sock should not be washed with white
clothes, or if you leave the room you turn off the light
every time, or that eating mistletoe berries will surely kill you
unless you are a bird, I think, and then the rules would be different. Do
you have another minute or two to chat?
I so enjoy talking to someone who is not the cat.

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Marathon Day 2

  1. “Sometimes the result is good and sometimes not. But it takes me places I would never think of going.” Yup. And that’s always an interesting process, regardless of results! In fact, I bookmarked your whole Marathon idea as something to consider during a time when I am feeling my own need to get to places I don’t yet know about.

  2. If you try it I think you will enjoy it. There is something about just letting the thoughts find their way out rather than hunting them down and beating them into shape…

  3. Yes, that is exactly it. Things like this are keeping me going in the dark cold snowy days. But in my head it is busy and cheerful. So nice! I am grateful to my art and poetry activities for this.

  4. Killer ending couplet. You couldn’t buy anything any better or more fitting. Turns are so hard to pull off, but this one works double duty. Takes the poem to a different place while taking it back into itself.

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