Poetry Marathon Day 1

Day 1 of the Poetry Marathon is in the record books. We are in the early stages of a good-sized snowstorm, so I had to change my plan of taking my show on the road. Well, that’s all right. I took the computer into the dining room, a place I don’t work on anything besides what’s on my plate and the book I might be reading while I eat. That’s enough of a change of scene to qualify, I thought. I stocked up with a couple of drinks and sat down to work. I set the stopwatch on my phone so I could keep up with my progress.

The time went very quickly. I checked only three times and in each instance I was surprised by how much time had elapsed. I did not feel any sense of hurry nor did I feel myself straining for ideas. I do think two hours is the right amount of time. I believe my head could be hurting after much more thinking…

I liked it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

So here’s what I did:

20 poems.

1831 words.

I’ve decided I’ll post one poem a day from the collection. Remember, it’s just as it was formed. Be nice to it and encourage it, please! This poem is the first one I did today.

Strangely reluctant to start
the snow now falls in bucketfuls
tossed out by the upstairs neighbors
one after another the flakes just keep coming down
blowing in the gusty wind swept off the roof
I just don’t know where this supply is coming from
but my goodness there is more than plenty
and I’d ask the neighbors to stop but
I don’t know their names

Bench and snow 1-15

Poetry Marathon info is here.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Marathon Day 1

  1. Ah, if your intention was to make me smile….well, I’m smiling now….
    about the east coast snow…..this is the first time in a while that I’ve been happy to be in Seattle, an unseasonal sunny day and 60 degrees.

  2. Love it love it. What talent. I am useless with anything to do with nature, but an amazing dollop of it just dropped in my lap–yesterday, an albino dear walked across the road following five brown deer when I was at a stop sign. For a second, every sad, bad thing that ever happened to me was blown out of my system by the sight of him. Or was it her? How the hell would I know? All I can say is no antlers. But its/his/her ears? The looked pink with the light coming through them. A white dear with pink ears. That’s a miracle, right? But I am terrified to try to make a poem of it. As far as I got was stapling together a pad of paper from out-takes from my printer that I carried downstairs to the sitting room where I usually work with pen in hand until I think I’ve got something, at which time I go back upstairs to my study and start on the keyboard. I thought Mary Oliver had cornered the nature market, but you’re right behind her. And dare I say the next Pulitzer’s for you? The neighbors upstairs. Oh my goodness. That’s not talent; that’s genius.

  3. ah, the hullabaloo…..my son is a weather forecaster for the Marine Corps….its a challenging job! It wasn’t the weather…..it was the visualization the poem created

  4. You made my day with this message. If you like what I am doing then I know I am doing something right.

    I will write back a longer message probably next week. I don’t know how I got myself into 2 projects at one time and I’m writed out.

    But I do think the white deer is a sign. What an experience.


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