Whole Lot of Laundry

I do a lot of laundry and sometimes it gets to me. Things to be washed – There are a whole lot more of them than there are of me, I think. Be careful.

Another Front on the Battlefield

Bath towel
stretchy leggings
hand-knitted dish cloth
black plaid skirt
turtleneck sweater:
what an ill-assorted crew you are
Each one
spun past the washer’s glass door
And gone
thrown back into the mob
Lot of rough behavior
pushing and shoving
and then there’s the water and the soap
Though it doesn’t seem to slow you down
sure irritates you, though
or it could be the sound of the motor
because you come out full of fight
I’m not done with you and I know it
we’ll be here again and again
and if not you someone else
Oxford cloth shirts plain and with stripes
dust rags
blue jeans
stain-resistant napkins
exercise clothes in that special plastic fabric
cotton knit sheets:
I recognize each and every one of you
I know all your ways
and you know mine
Blue sock plasters itself against the glass
hanging there just long enough
to taunt me
and is flung back into the chaos
Scares me for a minute
until I remember
to click off the light
go upstairs

And here's another potential battlefield...the home is a dangerous place.

And here’s another potential battlefield…the home is a dangerous place.


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