One Time A Year

I wrote this poem last January 14. It even has the date in the title. All of a sudden I remembered it today and thought – well, now’s the time for it, isn’t it?

I do remember that it was inspired by the weather that day. So the poem is a little window into one year ago exactly. But, it could certainly come close to fitting today – we have a gray cold day. Not raining, thank goodness, as it is below freezing. But on the whole it’s quite similar. Another January day in the pattern of January days.

January the Fourteenth, Any Year

starts to do rain
renews efforts
splatters the street
connects the in-between spaces
gathers itself up
speeds for the storm drain
on the way
helps the bus splash that lady’s legs
calls for reinforcements who
give me a sparkly hairdo
lavish see-through magnifying beads
across the shoulders
of my navy-blue wool coat
not my raincoat
and I forgot my umbrella
chases me into the warm bright lobby
of the office building
pale and gray blotchy-streaked wet
standing stoic in the onslaught
of more and more rain doing rain

Green Leaf and Water Droplets BW small


6 thoughts on “One Time A Year

  1. 14 yrs I’ve lived in the Northeast — and I am still getting used to how differently rain “does rain” up here. Which is not at all like rain does in south Texas: sometimes nothing to torrential and back to nothing, all in the space of half an hour.

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