Snippets #2 – November 2014 Series

More snippets!

Three lines of collage poetry. Each one pasted on an artist-trading-card-sized card.

I scan multiples because I don’t want to take the time to do them individually – they’re grouped randomly. So the particular assortment isn’t meant to have any relationships, although the reader can certainly do anything he or she wants.

Three-liners #2 11-14 small

To work your way back through a forest of snippets, start here.


3 thoughts on “Snippets #2 – November 2014 Series

  1. That’s seomthing I like about these little bits of thought – they lead you down a lot of roads, don’t they? I’m not a story writer (plots seem to be beyond me!) but I’d love to read anything you might write that these lines gave you the inspiration for (oh, what an ungrammatical sentence! But I hope you know what I mean…)

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