A Quiet Space

Did I ever post this one before? I am not sure. I do like it, so if it’s been here before, well, I say, welcome back.

I spend time looking out the window in all kinds of places. Sometimes I think about what I see and sometimes – I just think. And while I’m doing that, the world is going about its business right in front of me.

Temporary Refuge

I eat the ice cream
from its paper container,
sitting in the pink chair
at the silver table
in the shop.
Sunlight slants across the tiled floor. I squint.
The plate glass window
silences the parking lot sounds. The cars
weave patterns around each other.
There is as much sense
in the noiseless gliding traffic
in the dried leaves soundlessly clattering against the curb
in the lip-read only conversation of two women on the sidewalk
as anything else, I guess
But none of it
none of them
they have nothing to do with me
as long as I stay in here
and eat the ice cream
now melting
in its paper container


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