Snippets #1 – November 2014 Series

Here is the beginning of another round of snippets. Three lines of collage poetry. Each one pasted on an artist-trading-card-sized card.

I scan multiples because I don’t want to take the time to do them individually – they’re grouped randomly. So the particular assortment isn’t meant to have any relationships, although the reader can certainly do anything he or she wants!

I keep them in a box and take them out to look them over every so often (I have a pretty big collection by now) and I like the element of chance, how they follow one another, and that kind of thing, as I pull them out.

The same element of chance seems to work in their creation. Words come up and I grab them and group them and that’s what happens.

Thanks for reading.

Snippets #1, November, 2014

Snippets #1, November, 2014

If you want to journey backwards in time to reach Snippets-land of the past, here’s the link


2 thoughts on “Snippets #1 – November 2014 Series

  1. They do seem to turn up when you want or need to hear what they are saying, don’t they? I like that aspect of this kind of work. And also all the new ideas you get reading them, even the same ones more than once, and new things to think every time. Maybe because they are not explicit and are so short?

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