I’ve said this before, or maybe I’ve just thought it – for me, 2014 has been a series of lurches backwards and forwards. Doesn’t seem to have affected my outpouring of poetry and artwork, though, for which I am very grateful – these two things have been a big part of keeping me going and holding my mind on track.

I do realize I have lists and lists of things to post, though. I’m always torn – let the oldest go first, since it’s been waiting for longer – or the new things – they are more of a reflection of today? (Inventory management – FIFO or LIFO – now I’m really thinking back to my banking days 20-30 years ago…)

I’ve decided to drop the question. After all, no one but me knows the order I made or wrote things except me, and no one cares. I just hope the reader or viewer of my work reads or views, no matter when I did it.

OK. A random pick today from my list of poems in my collage book. It happens to be a recent one. When I got out my book to work in this manner, I was surprised to realize I had not added to it since December, 2013. It was nice to be doing some collage poems again.

Model Worker

Excuse me
I’m sorry to trouble you
I’m obliged to reschedule
Oh, yes, I know
Well, But there was
yet another unforeseen,
something turned up.
always something
Monday we’ll start to work At nine o’clock
depend on me
be sure of That,
you can depend on me,

"Model Worker" on its page in my collage poem book.

“Model Worker” on its page in my collage poem book.


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