I exercise a lot. I like it. It’s essential to my mental health, never mind what it does for my body. I’m a person who works things out by doing, and inactivity is very hard on me. With all my health issues of the past two years, my exercise has been very spotty. Some days it was all I could do to walk a mile, and some days not even that was possible. I had not realized how necessary getting out and moving was to me until I could not do it.

One of the things I’m grateful for in my recovery from the infection in my hand, my two hand surgeries, all the complications from these two things, and now my retina repair, is that I am able to return to running, swimming, exercising. I am thankful every day for this source of therapy for my mind and body.

I wrote this poem about two years ago. Happened to read it over and was struck by how meaningful it was to me right now.

Enough. Thanks for reading.

Got to Keep Moving

I’ve got a way to deal with it
that bad idea
I insisted on following
that decision I didn’t make
that decision I did
forget the loud voices
ugly arguments
the world turning out here in space
and shaking my stomach to bits
You‘re going to laugh, but
I run off
I mean I run,
with my legs,
three miles, five miles, eight miles
twenty minutes, thirty-two, forty-four
doesn’t matter
Shoes tied in double knots
I leave my troubles way behind
back there with my first steps
They don’t catch up with me
if they’re slow or weak
More muscular ones,
maybe they’ll grab at me,
but they don’t have their full strength
Even so
I don’t forget the harsh words
can’t ignore the everyday ground-down thoughts
Every last thing that scares me
drags at me
All I’ve done is
I just took hold of some space
big enough to get a grip
and work things over a little.
I wake up tomorrow,
I’ll be out here again
with my legs
exercising, you know
Lots of times
all of them that are chasing me
they run out of steam
before I do
fade back, never catch up.
I just hope my legs don’t give out.

"Run Day and Night", mixed media, 8" x 10", 2010.

“Run Day and Night”, mixed media, 8″ x 10″, 2010.


7 thoughts on “Returned

  1. This means a lot to me, really, a lot (although I’m not a particular runner myself). It tells me about conviction, confidence and fierceness. Sounds like a good beat to run to, in life! Thanks for sharing it! And when things from a few years back still speak to you, isn’t that as if you knew it, all that time…?

  2. Thank you. I took up running later in life, at age 49, in fact, and it’s really been something great for me. Almost any weather, any time of day, I just really like the feeling of moving and letting things go…

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