I Like November

Why? Lots of reasons.

I was born in November, so of course it’s the month that starts off each year for me.

November is a great time to drink hot tea or chocolate. Eat stews full of root vegetables. Enjoy pumpkin pie, cakes, cookies.

November is a warm wool winter coat, thick socks, and getting out the warm blanket for the bed.

November is dramatic. Yellow leaves swirling. Gusty winds. Bleak gray skies threatening rain contrasting with the gold of dried out grasses in the fields. Bare trees, the shapes of their branches on display again.

There is the sense of winter coming. The year taking its course. A certain melancholy, a feeling of things coming to an end. A time to reflect and to take stock. It can be a harsh month and requires some resilience.

November is not an easy month, but I like it.

"November City" collage (using hand-painted paper) I made this collage as part of a calendar I did about twelve years ago. It's a view of downtown Philadelphia.

“November City”
collage (using hand-painted paper)
I made this collage as part of a calendar I did about twelve years ago. It’s a view of downtown Philadelphia.

Haiku Group November

The dry leaves, the wind,
the hoarse dark voice of the crow:
The woman shivers

I hunch my shoulders
against the crow’s harsh remarks
and the chill they bring

The crow’s voice rasping
his dark tale across the wind
shaving out shivers

If you want another view of November, take a look at this artist book I made a while back.


5 thoughts on “I Like November

  1. I love January. I see January as a fresh start. January is a white month for me. Are you a synaesthete, Claudia? A person who mixes up senses. Like days of the week have colors, months have colors. People sometimes see artwork in terms of music. Things like that?

  2. I see words as having a personality, for a lack of a better way to say it. The way the letters are arranged, and it is part of the meaning of the word, but also something added. My son also has this and we usually agree on words and what they are “saying”. My husband has none of this and is mystified by it.

  3. Thank you. These books are a real experience to do – art, words, and what they add up to together. It takes time to make one, which is why I don’t have a lot of them, but it’s really satisfying to me what emerges each time.

    If you’re interested in seeing more of them, you can search my blog category “Artist Books” and here is a post in which I mention my work process. http://claudiamcgillart.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/a-long-time-in-the-making/

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