Ordinary? I Should Say Not

The grocery store is the nexus of human life and the parking lot is its guardian.

I don’t know what I mean, exactly, by this statement, but I think you may understand it, anyway.

Here is a haiku group recording my observations of one person at the grocery store parking lot.

Haiku Group Lady and Mercedes

Old lady, bored stiff
Wrinkled hands big sunglasses
Rich and tired of life.

Dark blue Mercedes
Bored old lady grips the wheel
runs over the curb

Well-kept Mercedes
Old hands with red fingernails
grip the steering wheel

Embalmed old lady
maneuvers the Mercedes
Clips a shopping cart

The grim-faced woman
wrestling the blue Mercedes
subdues it and parks

"Society Lady" acrylics on canvas

“Society Lady”
acrylics on canvas

4 thoughts on “Ordinary? I Should Say Not

  1. Thank you, I think I spend a lot of time imagining what people are thinking or why they do what they do, and before I know it I have a whole novel written about someone I’m standing in line with at the store, or whatever. I will say I am never bored, because of this!

    The image is actually of a collage I did a very long time ago, I would say about 14 or 15 years ago. I remember this one particularly because I was just changing my main art interest from fabric work to paper collage and this was one of the first ones I did in collage. It looks like a painting because at the time I painted all the papers I used with acrylic paints. I didn’t use any found papers, as I did later on in my collage work.

    I also used the paper in such a way as to look like a painting, not for any reason, that’s just what I thought I would like to do.

    Glad you liked it. It is one I feel I did a good job with and I was happy with the result. The inspiration for it were the geraniums I kept on our kitchen windowsills – We had deep wide sills and three or four pots could sit on each one.

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