I See You

I don’t have any poetry for today – just an update on my eye surgery.

The surgery was performed October 28 and everything went well. I did my four days of face-down time and though it was not pleasant, it was certainly very bearable. I’ve had two doctor visits since the surgery and my eye is healing great. The bubble has reduced to a very small size already, and my vision is vastly improved and better every day.

I am amazed at the idea that my vision was able to be restored and I have the prospect of it being almost as good as before the macular hole developed. I am so grateful for my doctor’s work and for healing.

I also want to thank everyone and their good thoughts and wishes for me. It has really helped me.

My eyes tire very easily and I have at least another month of healing, but I hope to be back to the computer pretty soon, and then back to poetry. Until then, I hope you are all well, and I encourage you to say thank you to your eyes and the job they are doing for you!

eye small


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