I have written this group of haikus for a specific purpose – to help me mentally organize and arrange an experience I’m in the middle of, and the outcome of which is not yet known.

I will be having surgery on my right eye on Tuesday, October 28 – I have developed a hole in the retina. The condition is called a macular hole and the operation is a vitrectomy (I tell you this so that if you want more information you can search the internet for details). I discovered the problem about a month ago and it’s been under observation since then. As time has passed I have lost the central vision in this eye and my overall vision is now affected. The only treatment for it is surgery and so that’s what I will be doing.

This operation has a great success rate and I should have good improvement in my vision. But it will entail a long period of recovery and I am not sure how things will go. So, I’ll probably be in and out of writing poetry and communicating about it until things stabilize. I feel optimistic about the prospects and I am very grateful that this operation exists and can help me.

So – I’ll be looking forward to getting back to writing – and before you know it, I hope!



Haiku Group An Eye

What the warped eye sees
unwished for and unwelcome
the sky in splinters
The window is cracked
and no amount of wishing
restores its wholeness
Fragments of the sky
shards of a broken blue bowl
shift and recombine
Can’t make up its mind
this indecisive eye
What and how to see
Those tiny details
wavering in front of me
They are important
The road runs forward
vanishing just behind you
you must go on
Call the repair shop
Find out what it takes to get
those dents pounded out
The shredded fabric
can be put back together
Sew a careful seam
This panorama
whole cloth unmarred and complete
entire in itself
The small yellow leaves
strewn across the stream’s surface –
I can see each one.


9 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. I will be thinking of you, Claudia. I am sure, if the professionals say the success rate is high, it is. But since I am an artist too, I do know your apprehensions. I will send lots of good vibes your way!!!!

  2. I wish you good luck, it will all go well! The haikus give an insight in what it’s like to have problems with your eyes (something I’m fortunate to never have experienced). Stay strong and patient after the surgery, take good care of yourself.

  3. Quite shocking to read this. First a problem with your hand, now with the eye. For you as an artist, this must be absolutely terrible. I hope the operation goes well and the process can be stopped. Best whishes to you.

  4. Thank you. Yes, I did feel a bit as if a very unwelcome visitor had arrived with this eye problem and so soon after I had gotten rid of and/or made my piece with the hand problems and their aftermath, finally! But this process has been easier. It’s a more defined problem and there is a definite way of going about things – so easier to cope with. I knew my vision would not come back to what it was, but I think it’s very good, and I am really happy. Plus my doctor tells me that I have at least a month more of healing and so I feel that if I’ve made this progress so far, it’s a good sign. Thanks for your good wishes.

  5. Thank you. Doing these haikus was a way of thinking about the situation and making sense of it.

    I feel so grateful that things have gone along well so far and I have a lot of hope for a good result at the end of it. Thanks for encouraging me.

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