A collage poem.

"Unworthy" on its page in my collage poem book.

“Unworthy” on its page in my collage poem book.

I should not have come home
the doors were closed
the whole street,
there was no one
not a sound
I stood on the street corner
the stranger
I could not be angry
a stone has no feelings,
How could anybody
be compelled now
to take me back?
I don’t know why,
but I can’t read the address
of this my
house not home


5 thoughts on “Unwelcome

  1. I’m curious if you’ve posted anywhere a discussion of your process, when you write these collage poems? How much is directed by chance, or knowing the words you want before you start, etc?
    Hope you don’t mind the question! Have been wondering this since you shared the collage poem about the empty house–the varied fonts on the page for that one really altered my experience of reading it (as opposed to the typed text).

  2. Hi, I don’t mind at all, I love to talk about the process. I did a post about it some time ago – here is the link – https://claudiamcgill.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/collage-art-collage-poetry/

    I value doing poetry this way because of the way ideas lead one to another.

    I would add to the post, having done more poems this way since then, not to let an interesting phrase derail or hijack a poem in process. Stay to what the poem seems to want to become. But put that phrase to the side and be ready to add to it – it’s obviously wanting its own poem.

    Also, I go through my raw material (books discarded from the library, pretty much) and just cut out words and phrases, and put them in a box for when I want to work this way.That way I don’t spend time cutting out words but instead it’s more sifting, arranging, rearranging. It also keeps me from looking for that word I think I have to have for the poem, and instead accept what comes along.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Finally got a chance to read the link–interesting! A different way of finding a writerly calm in your head. Seeing how this approach grew out of visual art made it click for me. thanks again

  4. Glad it could help. It’s interesting to me to think that not only can my ideas be expressed in words but words can cause ideas. It can go both ways. Seems almost like magic!

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