Sad and Things End

I feel very sad when I see houses abandoned. I don’t like to think of a building once so important to someone, their home, now slowly returning to the earth.

Moved Away

listening behind the trees
The old house
windows boarded up.
windows in the empty house
the old house sleeping
the last room
so empty.

"Moved Away" on its page in my collage poem book.

“Moved Away” on its page in my collage poem book.


2 thoughts on “Sad and Things End

  1. From the point of view of human life, you are right. However, such houses develop a life of their own and in and through decay might develop their own beauty (look for tags like “urbex” and “abandoned” to find examples of pictures of such places on the web and on wordpress). Things move out of the sphere of the human and the layer of artificiality on top of reality cracks open and peals off in scales. A mix of natural and artificial develops and then nature takes over and a new order emerges.

  2. I have seen a lot of change in Philadelphia, where I have lived for the past 30+ years – lots of abandoned buildings and thenthe neighborhood resurrects itself, and in other part of the city, maybe things going the other way. I think decay has is appeal, but I always think of how these structures were useful in the past and no one needs them today. I always think this about houses, no matter how picturesque, because of the emotion people put into their homes.

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