I’ve noticed a newcomer to our area in the last couple of years – a very quick-growing vine that seems to have appeared out of nowhere and has quickly made itself at home. It blankets trees and bushes in no time at all. I don’t think this is a good thing, and yet this vine is quite attractive – at this time of year it has the most beautiful turquoise/blue berries on it, and the leaves are a nice shape, too.

Still, it’s invasive and I have the feeling it’s not going to slow down.

Anyway, thinking about it brought out these haikus. I composed them as I was walking in the park, and as I got each one to a finish, I quick pulled out my little orange notebook and wrote it down in such a scrawl I had trouble reading it later on.

So here they are.

Haiku Group Vine and Tree

The green vine strangles
its unsuspecting landlord,
a too-friendly oak

now the vine has felled the oak
and, therefore, itself.

The gullible oak
felt the vine would keep its word
and behave itself.

The trusting old oak
no match for that sly bully
the upstart green vine

The gullible oak
taken in by the green vine
its scheming neighbor

The vine climbs the oak,
Brash,aggressive, green and strong –
and too much alive

I’ve no hard feelings –
the oak to the strangling vine –
But it was a lie.

"Forest" mixed media

mixed media


12 thoughts on “Interloper

  1. I try and cut them down. Got rewarded with a couple of spiders in my clothes that I didn’t discover until it was too late. A rash spread rather seriously only treatable with antibiotic ointment. Wary now.

  2. Ugh. That sounds painful and frightening. Wary is a good word to remember when doing this kind of outdoor work. Many hidden creatures and also the plants themselves can “bite” back, can’t they?

  3. It’s good to get the old stuff out and look at it in a new light. You and I are aware of how art trends come and go. I posted a painting I did 13 years ago!!!!! on Facebook and everyone went crazy!! Like I had just finished it. 🙂 I did not say anything!

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