Memory Haiku 11

Here is another memory haiku pair. If you want to know more about this series, here is an explanation.

Thanks for reading.

Haiku Group: Memories 11

Reverse a wrong turn –
yes, correcting it takes time
and the cost is high

Time is not wasted
in putting right a mistake
in a good design

"Ghost Tracks" digital collage

“Ghost Tracks”
digital collage

5 thoughts on “Memory Haiku 11

  1. I like to think this way. I have moths in my closet. Need to make it right. Need to not feel a lot of time will be wasted. As usual well said from such talent!
    Oh, BTW, you were right about my daughter. The anticipation was far worse. Not that I don’t miss her, it’s just I was terrified at losing her. Now I know that cannot happen. Thanks for your advice.

  2. Thank you. The more I write haiku, the more I like it. Really seems to get me to focus on the kernal of meaning in what I am trying to say. Very good for dealing with all kinds of subjects.

  3. I am glad that things have started off well with your daughter and your new relationship. There will be a lot of bumps but you will weather it. It’s brave of you to let her go. And she will appreciate it. Things will settle into their new pattern. At least this is my experience! I wish you and her well. And now you will have a new pattern, too!

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