Right Away

I had made this figurine some time ago and she was kind of lost in the shuffle among so many other objects here at the studio. I thought she might like to have some attention and find a place where she would be unique. Lorimer Park occurred to me as a good location to try this out. Like the smaller figurines I’ve been leaving in all kinds of spots, I wanted to give her a message to take with her (being made in the form of a cylinder, she is hollow inside with an opening at the bottom – a small piece of paper fits right in).

Since this figurine was a bit taller with more room for a bigger piece of paper, I felt the urge to give her more to say. So instead of a sentence, she got a whole limerick.

I don’t know why. I don’t think I’ve ever written a limerick before.

Here it is:

There once was a lady of clay,
Who wanted to travel someday,
And though she lacked feet
She knew she would meet
A person who’d see things her way.

And then I added the line I always put: Take me with you if you want to.

I set her in place on Wednesday evening and on Friday morning she was gone. Guess the limerick got its point across!


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