Memory Haiku 1

I’ve been thinking about the past recently. Some memories are more pleasant than others, of course. This introspection has prompted me to write a lot of haikus.

I arranged them in pairs. Each one is a complete thought. The old memories are not good, but then I think: I am living the life I was only hoping for back then. So, I let go of the past and remind myself of today in these haikus.

There are a lot of them. I think I will post one set at a time. Prevents haiku overload, I think.

Thank you for reading.

Haiku Group: Memories #1

It is time to stop.
Now let the old memories
turn pale and wither.

Take the time needed
to count the leaves on the tree
as the sun shines through.

"Accusing Eyes" Digital collage

“Accusing Eyes”
Digital collage


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