Another Subject Has an Encore

Back in the early spring I wrote some haikus about the freight trains that run through a park near my house. I also wrote a poem on the same subject. And I forgot all about it until I was looking through some files today. So here it is.

One reason I have focused on these trains, I think, besides the fact that I like looking at them, hearing them – I like to think of them heading west. My son lives in Pittsburgh and it makes a little connection between us.

Now I think I have said all I wanted to say about the trains – but maybe not. Maybe just for now, that’s what I mean.

Three-Engine Freight Train

Three-engine freight train
stretched out along the embankment.
Pauses, gears up. When the signal changes
Breaks free
More sound than motion, at first,
but the hard dark rumble
-I feel it in my chest-
is a promise
to the steep curved tracks in the mountains
three hundred miles west of here
from the high-nosed engines
and their string of graffitied boxcars
cylinder tankers
open cars heaped with flattened pyramids of coal
It is a promise
of a deliberate and inexorable progress
toward this iteration of their meeting and parting
resulting in,
as always,
the arrival of the three-engine freight train
in Pittsburgh some time later
as planned and on schedule.
The train moves on
Facing west, as I do
Until its voice fades into the tracks
and I turn away

"Two Trains Passing" mixed media

“Two Trains Passing”
mixed media


3 thoughts on “Another Subject Has an Encore

  1. I am in admiration of your collage. I really really like it. And your poem hits home because of my daughter leaving soon for college. The poem says a lot about your separation and your being linked. Nicest poem and artwork I have seen in a long time!

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