Subject Matter Returns for an Encore

A little while ago I posted a haiku group about a fly – encountered in my everyday life, doing nothing more than being a fly. But for some reason he caught my attention. There was more to be said, I thought, about this fly! So here is a poem.

Now I believe I am through with this fly. I think.


The tired black fly buzzed
loop after loop
around the stuffy sun-filled vestibule
that’s the entrance to the library
Incoherent strike after strike on the windows
getting him nowhere
Blundering into a rack of pamphlets offering
mental health services referrals
free tickets for a play held two months ago,
clean water tips,
pool hours daily and holidays,
a list of the signs of heat stroke
Skimming over the box of donated books
dropped off under the sign asking you
not to drop off boxes of books
Muddling his way around the baby stroller
jammed next to the water fountain
Passing up more than one chance to escape
the hot glass box
when the door opens for a slow-moving old lady
or three kids in bathing suits
or a man wearing well-shined loafers
Escape to the outside, to June, to afternoon
which, no matter how stifling hot humid it is,
it’s where he should want to be, isn’t it
So, is he
preferring his imprisonment
just not understanding it?

Artist Trading Card yellow and pink squiggle

Artist Trading Card
yellow and pink squiggle


5 thoughts on “Subject Matter Returns for an Encore

  1. You beat me to it! i had that about a bee, stupidly bashing against a window. I eventually got up to open it and I actually laughed to see it literally ‘squigling’ away.when it found itself drunkenly, surprisedly free.

  2. I can just see it! I’ve always, from a child, felt sorry for insects caught indoors, etc., places they don’t understand – and tried to set them free. I was the one trying to shoo flies out the door rather than getting out the fly swatter.

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